Virtual Physical Therapy.
Real Results.


Gain Insight with
Powerful Data

The VERA platform provides never-before-seen insights
from data only available from the patient’s home.
With just a few clicks, you can track patient participation,
real-time exercise performance, and digitally
administered patient reported outcomes (PROs).

See Outcomes


*Sample data

Clinician Interface


Clinicians can select standardized protocols, create custom plans, administer functional tests, assign and review PROs, view videos, and track adherence.

Patient Interface


Patients see an outline of themselves performing each exercise, while VERA provides coaching and real-time audio-visual feedback. Patients can also communicate with their therapist via telehealth technology.

What our Patients & Providers Are Saying

"Patients who have used the VERA system tell us how easy it is to use and how fun it is to use,and really, how they don't want to give it up when their therapy program has come to an end."

- Michael Spigel
President and COO, Brooks Rehabilitation


"I live alone and I don’t have a ride to come to therapy and would prefer to stay at home to do therapy."

- Knee replacement patient
Sandusky, OH

"It’s inconvenient and time consuming to drive to therapy sessions, would prefer to stay home to do therapy. VERA makes this possible."

- Knee replacement patient
Avon, OH

"I believe I made a quicker recovery because of the system in my home and it reminded me to do the exercises every time I walked by it."

- Hip Replacement Patient
Cleveland, OH