Are you or a loved one scheduled to undergo hip or knee replacement surgery? If so, it’s time to meet VERA™, Reflexion Health’s groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant.
Cleared by the FDA and supported by a growing library of clinical research, VERA is designed to let people tackle physical therapy from the comfort of home. That means fewer trips to the PT clinic — but it doesn’t mean seeing less of your therapist, who oversees your progress and stays in contact via regular telehealth visits.
The reviews are “off the charts” among folks who have already used VERA, with satisfaction scores outranking popular brands like Apple and Amazon. “If you can turn on a TV, you can use VERA,” as one knee replacement patient told us.
Best of all, VERA is available in North Carolina! For more info, fill out the form on this page. And to find VERA at a clinic near you, click here for a list of participating clinics in NC, call us at 619.329.1128 or email us at
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